Telkom reveals new prepaid fiber-to-the-home deal with no fixed contract or credit check

Telkom Prepaid fiber optic to the home

Start today, Telkom will enable customers to obtain Prepaid fiber to the home (FTTH) running on the Openserve fiber network. This means that customers who were previously not entitled to fiber due to unforeseen financial circumstances, or customers who prefer to control their spending without any long-term commitments, can now purchase online prepaid internet service with no limit of 25. Mbps.

“We make it easier to access because we realize that no two clients, nor their circumstances, are the same. While some clients want the convenience of a contractual arrangement and prefer recurring billing, others simply opt for the flexibility to adapt as their life and business changes ”, Telkom Marketing Director Gugu Mthembu said.

This prepaid FTTH offer is ideal for customers looking for the following value:

  • No fixed-term contract.
  • Full control of expenses;
  • Easy charging options;
  • No credit check;
  • No bill shock;
  • No penalties or late fees;
  • Reminders to recharge; and
  • Unlimited time-based internet options: 3-day voucher, 7-day voucher, or 30-day voucher

Step 1: To activate Prepaid Fiber access

  • Apply online ( by clicking HERE for Starter pack 1 or 2. Payments by credit / debit card only.
    • Starter pack 1 includes:
      • Fiber access installation by Openserve
      • A router that will be delivered to customers by courier
    • Starter pack 2 includes:
      • Fiber access installation by Openserve
      • NB: A customer must provide their own ICASA approved router
    • At the end of the activation of the Starter Pack, the customer will receive an SMS with the required next steps.

2nd step: To purchase an uncapped prepaid Internet voucher (only possible on active prepaid fiber access): A customer must go to to obtain a 3, 7 or 30 day voucher. Only credit / debit card payments are accepted.

“Customers can go to the Telkom website to request a starter pack and follow a simple and easy guide to start or activate. Starter pack payments must be made with a credit / debit card directly on the portal. Fiber access installation will follow the normal post-paid fiber installation process and will take an average of ten business days.

“When fiber access is active and the customer has a fiber router, a good Internet can be purchased from the Telkom portal as needed,” Mthembu said in conclusion.

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