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Weirton Police

Brian Krnaich, 59, 208 Seneca Street, Weirton, drug related DUI, September 30, arrested after traffic stop

David Mercer, 57, 505 Murray Road, New Cumberland, destruction of property, possession of a controlled substance, October 1, arrested after warrant traffic stop

Jason Hearn, 18, 1345 Cove Road, Weirton, possession with intent to deliver, Oct 1, arrested on pending Hancock County arrest warrant

Alan Ciotti, 25, 711 North 4th St., Toronto, appearing on public drug show, October 1, arrested following service of warrant

Amber Nolan, 30, 32 Riggs Road, Weirton, appearing on drug-induced public broadcast on October 1, arrested on warrant

David Loosemoore, 50, 121 Schwartz St., Weirton, linked to DWLS-DUI, October 4, arrested following traffic stop

Greg E. Virtue, no age listed, 90250 Miller Station Road, Hopedale, possession of a controlled substance-methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, possession of a drug device, October 4, arrested after report of a suspect vehicle in block 3700 of the main street

Chris Cutright, 46, 116 North 12th St., Weirton, possession of a controlled substance, Oct 4, arrested on appeal regarding domestic incident in vehicle

Jefferson County Sheriff

Tit for tat: A Steubenville man who lived with his ex-girlfriend in Brilliant for two months said his things were gone and she knew where they were on Tuesday. He told MPs that he tried to arrange to get his things back but they were missing and that his ex knew where they were but would not give them to him unless he gave her some money. money. He said he owed her money for something unrelated, but it was not about his property and he was not going to give her the money until he got his property back. When MPs spoke with the ex, she said she knew where the items were but was not going to say it. The deputies informed her that this was a civil matter until she did not give the man time to recover his property. Once she got rid of it, it became criminal theft.

Hang up: MPs did a welfare check on a man from Cross Creek Township requested by a family member, but he was not happy on Monday. The man told MPs that the family member is “crazy” and harasses him by constantly asking for welfare checks and he doesn’t answer the phone because he doesn’t want to talk to any of them. He gave MPs his cell phone number so they could call him directly instead of knocking on his door.

Scam: Two Richmond women who bought a dog from Facebook Marketplace in late September told MPs they realized they had been ripped off on Monday. The two said the seller assured them it was not a scam and texted them to buy gift cards, mainly those from Walgreen, to cover the cost of the dog, a bed for dog and delivery costs. They said they bought the card and sent the gift card numbers and screenshots of the gift cards to the seller to collect the money, and realized after the seller received the money and hesitated to give them a definitive answer on when the animal would be delivered. that they had been had.

Threat: A woman from Tiltonsville said her boyfriend showed up at her house and threatened to break her jaw, then fled on foot Monday.

Credit issue: A woman from Weirton said her ex-husband opened a credit card in her name in 2003 which he used until 2010 when they broke up and quit pay on it, Monday. She said the debt had been remitted to collections and a civil lawsuit had been filed, which she was not aware of either because the documents had gone to her address in Wintersville. He died three years ago and she said she only found out about him last month when she was about to close a house.

Incident: A teenage girl in Toronto said a drunken woman repeatedly hit her and bit him on the back because she thought he hit her friend on Tuesday. He said the other woman, also drunk, reached out to grab him after another driver hit his vehicle. He said he didn’t want her to touch him so he shrugged and walked away.

Reserved: Dylan L. Tittle, 28, 2074 County Road 2, Rayland, Dillonvale County Court Exit Warrant, Tuesday.

Steubenville Police

Double-cashing: The manager of a check-cashing company told police his employees cashed a check for $ 3,785 for a customer two weeks ago, only to find that the individual had already cashed it using a mobile banking app on Tuesday.

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