It has a wide range of financial products involving Visa, MasterCard and Elo, Personal Payday Loans, INSS Retirement and Pension Credit, Insurance and Assistance, as well as services and conveniences in partnerships with large companies.

With a portfolio of 2 million clients, it operates in an integral way, focused on the quality of service and excellence in solving the needs of each client.

The first and largest Online Personal Payday Credit

Since January 2015, Good Finance Promotora has signed an innovative and innovative partnership with Bom Pra Crédito (www.Thomas the Tank Engine), the first and largest Online Personal Payday Credit Mall in Brazil, to offer its Personal Payday Loan in a 100% online! ,

To place your loan with Good Finance you can request an offer on our website and, if approved, we will indicate one or more of the 140 points of sale distributed in all regions of Brazil that is closest to you so that you can sign the contract and receive your credit.

Good Finance Personal Payday Loan

You believe in your dreams and we help you to realize!

– Money released on time and payment in up to 24 months and you can still choose the best date for payment of the first installment, in up to 45 days;

– Payment made through the bank slip;

– One of the lowest market rates;

– Use your check as collateral as the rate decreases and the limit increases.

See how the Good Finance online process is super simple and fast:

  1. You fill out a registration totally online and at no cost to you! It takes only 8 minutes … Put all your real data, as Good Finance Promotora may request confirmation of your registration. Important: We never charge any fees or apply for down payment to have your credit assessed.
  2. Your credit will be analyzed instantly and you will receive the response of your credit analysis very conveniently online, by email or SMS.
  3. If the credit is approved, just click on the email link to know the conditions of your loan and to accept, just click the orange button.
  4. Schedule the best time on the site and go to the store nearest you and identify yourself taking the necessary documents (CPF, RG and proof of income and residence). Do not forget to say, “I’m Good For Credit!”
  5. If everything is correct with your documents, just sign the contract of your Personal Payday loan and the money will be released.

Loan Payroll Good Finance Retirees and Pensioners of INSS

For those who are retirees and pensioners of INSS, Good Finance has special conditions of Personal Payday loans, without consulting the SPC and SERASA, discounted directly from their benefit.

Good Finance Credit Cards

Good Finance has the right card for you! It is practical and safe and helps you in day-to-day shopping, is essential for moments of emergency, as well as helping you to realize dreams. Go right to an Good Finance shop and ask for yours, it’s ready!

Insurance and Assistance Good Finance

Prevention is key. That’s why Good Finance has the coverage and assistance you need, whatever the occasion.

For your home:
Residential Assistance: So you have more security and feel protected.
Residential Theft and Theft: Take care of your assets and your entire family.

For you and your family:
Dental Plan: Plan that takes care of the health of your teeth and ensures healthy mouth.

Hospital Income

To prevent in cases of illness and accidents.
Personal Payday Accidents: Ensures peace of all your family in case of accidents.
Award-Winning Life: Ensures peace of mind and you still compete for cash prizes.
Life Woman: Exclusive for women, prevent against unexpected in the day to day.

For Your Card
Total Protection Pharmacy + Financial Protection: Discount in accredited pharmacies and exemption from payments of undue purchases not recognized by the insured.
Loss and Theft: Exemption from payment of unrecognized purchases in cases of loss, theft or theft of the card.