LIVE: Pandemic cuts northwest corner from rest of US

Resorts see 90% drop in business during pandemic

Part of our region is essentially cut off from the rest of the United States by the pandemic, and businesses are suffering there.

The northwest corner of Minnesota in Lake of the Woods County is not connected to the rest of the United States by land.
To get to the popular fishing destination by car, you must first travel to Canada.
But the border is closed to all but most traffic during COVID-19.
Joe Henry of Lake of the Woods Tourism says the Angle’s dozen resorts have seen their business drop by around 90% this summer.
The only way people can get around the corner and stay in Minnesota is across Lake of the Woods, which Henry says is a tough sell.

He adds, “This is a journey of about 40 miles and more through the great waters of Lake of the Woods. It is a big lake. It is a small ocean. Not everyone has the boats to do this. There are security issues. People don’t feel comfortable doing it. Often when you go on a trip you have people and equipment. “

Henry says he has spoken to elected officials about securing loans specifically for Angle Resort owners. He says they are concerned that the clients they lose this year may find other vacation spots on the mainland and never return.

Check out the interview above to learn more about the unique problem facing the Angle.

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