Judge Judy’s salary claims with CBS are non-negotiable

Judge Judy Sheindlin’s decisions appear to be final both inside and outside the courtroom.

In a July 2016 testimony that was recently published and obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Sheindlin described the unorthodox way she negotiates her salary with CBS.

“We’re going to the Grill on the Alley with the president of the company. We sit on the other side of the table, I hand him the envelope and say, “Don’t read it now, let’s have a nice dinner. Call me tomorrow. You want it, fine. Otherwise, I’ll have it. will produce it myself. ” This is negotiation, ”Sheindlin explained.

A year ago, a CBS executive attempted to present Sheindlin with a counter-offer, in which case she informed the man, “ This is not a negotiation. ”

In that same testimony, Sheindlin, 74, also said she could produce the show herself if she wanted, earning an additional $ 20 million per year on top of her current salary of $ 47 million.

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Bow: Judge Judy Sheindlin (above in June) explained how she and CBS came to an agreement on her salary in testimony from July 2016

Sheindlin’s testimony came in a deposition in response to a complaint filed by Richard Lawrence of Rebel Entertainment.

Lawrence claims that he and his company helped Sheindlin and CBS put the show back together before it launched in 1996 and that, therefore, they are entitled to 5% of the bottom line, but haven’t seen any money in years. .

Lawrence claims in his file that he stopped seeing money in 2010, shortly after Sheindlin’s salary increased to $ 45 million a year for the show.

In increased in 2015 after its last “negotiation”.

Sheindlin immediately hit back at Lawrence after filing his complaint, saying: ‘The fact that Richard Lawrence is complaining about my salary is actually hilarious.

“I met Mr. Lawrence for two hours about 21 years ago. Neither I nor anyone involved in the daily production of my program has heard of him in 20 years. Not a card, not a gift, not a flower, no congratulations, but he somehow received over $ 17,000,000 from my program.

“My rudimentary calculations translate that into $ 8,500,000 an hour for Mr. Lawrence. Not a bad payday. Now complaining about not having enough money is real chutzpah!

Lawrence called Sheindlin overpaid in his initial deposit, arguably because the higher his salary, the less money he and his company would make due to only receiving a percentage of the profits.

And in 2013, when Scheindlin [sic] was receiving $ 47 million a year, no one else came close, as unscripted TV’s highest earners were Jon Stewart ($ 30 million), Matt Lauer ($ 25 million) and Jay Leno ($ 20 million), ” the court said. deposit.

By entering into this agreement with Scheindlin [sic]The defendants blithely ignored their contractual obligations to Rebel. As a result, almost immediately after Scheindlin [sic] salary increase, Rebel’s backend compensation fell.

Non-negotiable: & nbsp;  'I give him the envelope and say:

Non-negotiable: “I give him the envelope and I say,” Don’t read it now, let’s have a nice dinner. Call me tomorrow. You want it, okay. Otherwise, I will produce it myself “”, she mentioned

Sheindlin addressed his payroll in his July testimony, saying his lucrative contract was benefiting Lawrence.

‘Mr. Lawrence should actually be kissing that right in Macy’s window because my contract with CBS for over a decade doesn’t include a last look, which means the following, ” Sheindlin said.

“ Which means they can’t match any other offering, which means I can produce this show on my own for decades. I choose not to do this because of my age and the fact that I enjoy the simple life I lead.

She then joked about the $ 20 million she was turning down by not producing the show: “ How much can you eat? ”

Sheindlin then made things clear for Lawrence, saying: ‘It is very important that you know this because part of your complaint is that CBS conspired with me to deprive Mr. Lawrence of his backend profit. CBS had no choice but to pay me what I wanted, otherwise I could take it wherever I wanted or do it myself.

And if CBS is trying to negotiate, Sheindlin has a ready-made answer, not one that she’s never needed until now in her career.

“You have shareholders to answer. I have no one except my grandchildren, ”Sheindlin said.

“ Are you going to tell me that you are going to shut down my show because you will make less money this year than last year if you double my salary or give me an extra $ 10 million a year? You won’t.

She then added: ‘We’re just going to be partners. Because after almost a decade, that’s how it should be.

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