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Floyd Mayweather won on points in Las Vegas

The American boxed smart again under the lights of Las Vegas to demand a unanimous decision and finally end the debate over who is the best among the greats of this era.

Mayweather, 38, had to survive a fourth round scare in the £ 350million super-fight when Pacquiao shook him from a left.

But for most of the 36 minutes, he controlled the game much to the anger and disappointment of Pacquiao’s professional crowd inside the 16,800-seat MGM Grand Arena.

The scorecards of the three US judges were clear at 118-110, 116-112 and 116-112 as Mayweather added the WBO welterweight title to his WBC and WBA crowns and stretched his record to 48-0.

Mayweather said: “Manny is one hell of a fighter, I see why he’s at the top of boxing. He had his moments but I was smart.

“I sent him. He never understood my jab and my right hand.”

Dave Moretti’s 118-110 was certainly too wide, but the undefeated “Money” never allowed that to turn into a war and was booed in the end despite the dominant victory.

The first few laps led us to believe it could have gone either way, but in the second half of the fight Mayweather was coasting and Pacquaio’s smile was gone.

Pacquiao and trainer Freddie Roach were so relaxed they shared an in-ring selfie as the Filipino’s own song boomed in the crowded MGM Grand Arena – but they won’t want to remember it.

The Pacman laughed and smiled as he made his way to the ring and the hen Mayweather appeared on the gigantic screens in the corner of this boxing mecca, boos swirling around.

Mayweather looked focused as there were no smiles as he trotted around wearing black and gold shorts.

Then the first bell finally arrived after five years of waiting to which was added a delay of television in the United States and the noise inside the arena created a dizzying atmosphere.

Pacquiao – in his country’s yellow, blue, and red hues – was supposed to be the aggressor in this one.

But it was Mayweather who took control of the first round from the center of the ring.

“Money” landed two straight hands in three minutes and the one time Pacquiao came close he held him to a chorus of boos from supporters who expected the tactic.

Mayweather even granted the Filipino a few words just before the bell.

Pacquiao came out flying on the second lap only to be returned by Mayweather’s quick feet.

Mayweather celebrates victory by unanimous decisionGETTY

Mayweather celebrates victory by unanimous decision

The Filipino superstar finally had some success when he finally pinned her man to the ropes and triggered a searing combination.

Mayweather spoke about the right hand that Juan Manuel Marquez knocked out Pacquiao with in 2012 before that fight.

And it was clear that he intended to use the same shot as he brought success towards the second half of the round.

But when he managed to land it in the third, left-hander Pacquiao responded with a left-handed crack.

Mayweather held on again when her man cornered him as fans grew frustrated with referee Kenny Bayless stepping in so quickly to pull them apart.

A stunning rally at the end of the round got the crowd on their feet but Pacquiao was still smiling.

The smile turned to a grimace as the fourth approached, as it felt like the Filipino would finally take control.

Pacquiao went to work on Mayweather’s body as he chased his opponent around the ring.

Then the biggest blow of the fight landed when Pacquiao finally pierced Mayweather’s defense with a sparkling left hand that rocked the American in his black and white boots.

Mayweather reacts after securing victory over PacquiaoGETTY

Mayweather reacts after securing victory over Pacquiao

Pacquiao launched a flurry of fire as Mayweather held his guard up as he regained his senses and what turned out to be his best chance to end the American’s unbeaten record has passed.

It was another example of Mayweather’s resilience and he was back jumping freely on the ropes in fifth.

Pacquiao attacked the body in the sixth and landed a flurry of blisters halfway through the lap.

But Mayweather just let his guard down and shook his head to at least try to convince the Filipino that he wasn’t hurting him.

He repeated it after another bunch of punches before using his jab effectively to keep Pacquiao at bay.

That same jab would send Pacquiao to stumble in the seventh before “Pacman” got some success at the end of the round that spilled blood from Mayweather’s mouth.

The fight seemed to get even stronger after 21 minutes, with Mayweather fighting effectively and Pacquiao struggling to keep the pressure on.

The American put another round in the bank with his counter punches and quick feet keeping him out of trouble.

Every time Pacquiao landed, a loud roar came from the crowd, which might have made the ringside judges believe he was more successful.

Floyd Mayweather maintained his unbeaten recordGETTY

Floyd Mayweather maintained unbeaten track with victory over Pacquiao

But a disturbing pattern had developed for him as Mayweather stole another lap in the ninth as he continued to work on the outside.

Pacquiao needed to do something but he was on the verge of losing that in the second half of the fight.

Those smiles at the start of the fight had turned into frustration as the Filipino was clearly restless at the end of the 10th.

Six minutes from the end of the “Fight of the Century” he was on the verge of running out of steam after so many promises at the start.

Pacquiao has hunted and hunted, but his first successes seemed like a distant memory for the last time.

The final round played out like the previous three as Mayweather could even afford to celebrate his 48th victory before the bell.

It might not be the thriller everyone wanted, but Mayweather won’t care as long as his reign as the pound-for-pound king continues.

But while Pacquiao may have lost his world title, he remained the people’s champion as he was cheered out of the ring.

The Filipino said: “I thought I won the fight. He didn’t do anything. I thought I won the fight. I got it with some solid punches.

“It’s not easy to punch if he’s moving so much.”

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